Remedial action

Baron Zhao from Elemental Therapies explains how we can use a range of traditional methods to treat our aches and pains.

Should we look to more than one option to address health concerns?

The answer is yes. A client may present different problems from the view of different health practitioners. For example, a client with a Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) may suffer an acute exacerbation and choose to have acupuncture for immediate pain relief and reduction in inflammation. Remedial massage therapist will decrease the muscular tension and tenderness. The client may seek physiotherapy for a stretching and strengthening program later. Three different treatments provide the best possible outcome.

What ailments can acupuncture address?

Acupuncture is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is a holistic treatment by inserting thin needles at specific points of the body to alleviate pain and to treat various health conditions. It is effective for treatment of pain (acute and chronic), sciatica, arthritis, headaches, digestive problems, abdominal problems, among many other common conditions.

What is remedial massage therapy?

Remedial massage is a clinical approach to soft tissue dysfunctions or damage. It is benefit to people with lower back pain ,neck pain, and headache that caused by the change of your muscle structure and normal function. For example, you hurt your shoulder when throwing a ball, and the remedial massage therapist will take through a range of tests to determine which muscle is causing the problem and focus on that specific problem. In the consultation, the therapist will take a detailed history of what caused the dysfunction and go through a range of tests. Whence finished the test, the therapist will use a range of techniques such as flowing strokes, myofascial release, friction technique and trigger point therapy. Not liking the relaxation massage, it may leave you sore because the remedial massage therapist may work deeper into the muscle structure. You may even still feel it in the next day, but you can expert that pain decreased and range of motion increased in 24-48hours.

How does reflexology work?

We apply reflexology on clients’ feet. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the sensory nerves of internal organs that spread throughout the body are mainly gathered around the feet. A specific pressure technique applying on the feet will stimulate organs, glands and all body parts. Foot reflexology massage can be a deeply relaxing and therapeutic modality for those suffering from pain, soreness, anxiety, or insomnia.

What is a MNZ Registered Massage Therapist?

A MNZ Registered Massage Therapist is a member of Massage New Zealand. To be an MNZ Registered Massage Therapist, the practitioner has to achieve industry approved qualifications, competence, experience, and is committed to high standards of practice and professionalism. Massage therapy in New Zealand is an unregulated profession, so anyone can set up as a massage therapist without any qualification or experience. By choosing a MNZ Registered Massage Therapist, you can be sure you massage session is safe and professional.

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