Acupuncture Relieves Asthma Attacks

Asthma is a common respiratory disease for adults and children. Symptoms include longtime coughing ,tight chest and short of breath, even wheeze as the result of airway inflammation. This problem is easily triggered by allergy, weather change, and respiration infections.

The mechanism is mainly because of the allergy factors or normal respiration infections invade the lung, causing the airway inflammation with Eosnophils releasing, which has a very bad influence on limitation of expiratory airflow and intense coughing.

Nowadays, acupuncture has been approved by clinical researches that it is an effective treatment for asthma. First, acupuncture is aimed at controlling airway inflammation by descending the quantity of Eosnophils. Besides, acupuncture could improve the lung function through airway remodeling in bronchioles. Third, by doing acupuncture, the immune system could be promoted, which is very important to decrease the body reactions by allergy factors. A lot of acu-points are closely related with organs in the body nerve network. Thus, though the stimulate by needles, these acu-points could be activated.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, we consider every life is made up of Qi, thus, human body is made up with Qi, and every organ of the body is also made up with Qi. Every function of organs is called Qi movement. When some pathogenic factors, like allergy factors (we call it Evil Qi) attack the body, Qi movement is disordered. Like asthma, is the result of disorder of Lung Qi. Therefore, what acupuncture do is to regulate the Qi movement of lung. At the same time, we also use needles, cupping, or moxa to reduce phlegm. Then the syndromes would be gone. After the Qi movement of lung is in good condition, we still need to do the acupuncture to promote body resistance(we call Defensive Qi), to help body to get rid of the influence of pathogenic factors.

Edited by Dora Lin

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